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-Full of pride
-Slightly worried

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-All systems are working perfectly fine. No anomalies detected.


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-Dojo Sensei. National hero.



The word Yamato (大和) means "great sum", "great harmony", or "great peace" and is the name used for ancient Japan and the peoples of Japan as a whole.
The Yamato is also one of the oldest hereditary monarchy still in existence.
It is also the ancient name corresponding to the modern-day Nara prefecture.

Yamato Man's quote from his CD data, "Nippon Banzai!", means "Long live Japan!". Nippon (日本) means Japan and banzai (ばんざい) is an exclamation that literally means "ten thousand years" and is typically translated as "long live" in English.

Yamato Man's appreciation of katanas (referenced as "Japanese sword" in his CD Data) is a reference to the fact that samurai usually fought with katanas instead of spears. However, due to the unpopularity of melee weapons (i.e. Top Spin and Charge Kick) among players, it was decided from the beginning that Yamato Man would not use a katana.

Yamato Man's head is based off the kabuto-style samurai helmets that often sport ornate crests (which were unique signatures to distinguish certain individuals/families/clans from each other).

Yamato Man is purple in most of his artwork, while in his Mega Man 6 mugshot, he is blue, with most of his yellow highlights white. The only highlight that remains its original color is the crest on his kabuto. In addition, the green button on his chest is yellow on his in-game sprite.

Yamato Man is the only boss in the game to have two weaknesses, the Silver Tomahawk and Rush Power Adaptor (he is semi-weak to the uncharged shot and the charged shot does as much damage as his weakness).

Yamato Man has a little problem with english, as his CD data claims. (Good thing because english isn't my mother language and that justifies my mistakes a bit) For that I'll be using the japanese names of the characters and some 'engrish' terms when he talks, as well as some suffixes from the same country. All in order to fit the character as much as possible.


Other RP accounts: :icondreadful-reaper: :icondesert-commando: :iconthunderbolt-master: :iconapocalyptic-weapon: :iconspace-researcher:

(Another account... Six already... Someone pls stop me... :faint: )


(Admin: This is for random thoughts. Don't RP here, please. Just OOC coments.)
"'Furaimmu Man'... No... 'Flaimu Man'?... No, no... 'Furaime Man'...?!'"

"English w
a hontōni muzukashīdesu..." (English is really difficult...) -He thought, frustrated.


(Thanks, Google Translate.)


Resolute-Samurai's Profile Picture
Yamato Man
(I don't own neither the previous image nor the other ones posted here. Please credit their rightful owners.)

Yamato Man (ヤマトマン Yamatoman?) is a combat Robot Master modeled after a samurai warrior. Although his armor appears to be heavy, it was made thin and as light as possible to improve his mobility, but reduces his defense. Yamato Man's weapon is the Yamato Spear, which he uses to throw armor-piercing spear heads at enemies. However, he has a short supply of ammo, and has to manually pick them up after use so he can throw them again. As a backup means of attack, Yamato Man is a skilled martial artist, and always carries a spear with him for both defensive and close combat purposes.

In the First Annual Robot Tournament, he was stolen and reprogrammed by Mr. X to help him conquer the world. His weakness is the Silver Tomahawk, due to its ability to effectively hit him in the air and cleave through his lightweight armour. Although somewhat shy, he has the Japanese spirit, and has great respect for Knight Man due to his valor and honor. He enjoys collecting Japanese swords in his spare time, but dislikes speaking English.

Yamato Man's Theme:…



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~ MXN.041 - Burizādoman/ Blizzard Man: 'Inaku natte'

~ MXN.042 - Kentaurosuman/Centaur Man: 'Inaku natte'

~ MXN.043 - Furaimmuman/Flame Man: :iconniran-multahiba:

~ MXN.044 - Naitoman/Knight Man :iconchivalrous-knight:

~ MXN.045 - Purantoman /Plant Man: :icondan001-braziliankiss::iconplantmandwn-045:

~ MXN.046 - Tomahōkuman/Tomahawk Man: 'Inaku natte'

~ MXN.047 - Uindoman/Wind Man: 'Inaku natte'

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Earthern-Samurai Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2016
"A spearsman?"
"I'm a fan of smaller weapons like Kodachis."
[She's walking more like a bipeadle dragon then a human.]
[And the way she held her Kodachis was more built for the Thailand martial arts rather then any samurai training.]
[But she used Battojutsu to unseath the small weapons.]
Resolute-Samurai Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2016
"Certainly, I'm a spear user, but I also collect japanese swords. Kodachis seem to be very useful in combat, however, as they're easy to fight with, they're usually given to the youngest ones. A good choice if you're intending to defend yourself." -He laughted softly, with the tone an old man would have.

"Konichiwa, stranger. I am the Yamato Man, protector of these lands... MXN.048, if you want... 'Hajimemashite.' -He introduced himself and greeted.

Konichiwa = Hello
Hajimemashite = Nice to meet you

(These two are usually known if you're into japanese culture, but I always post all the non-english terms meaning below.)
Earthern-Samurai Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2016
[[ I know them, but it's good to do so, I agree. ]]
She nods "Indeed, but I have a rather Thai way of using them." She held them resting the blade's back on her forearm, making her elbow strikes that much more fearful. "I have an odd and unbelievable backstory, I tend to fight like my previous form before my dream came true." She giggled. "Well now, Conichiwa MXN. 048, Yamato Man, I am Yorokobi Chikyu Doragon. But please call me Yorokobi." She did a quick bow, with a joyful smile. She was definately a hi-energy female.
(1 Reply)
" Hey, what's up Yamato the Samurai? =D "
Resolute-Samurai Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2016
The samurai dropped his spear, in amazement. Could he be...?

"'Purantoman'... my brother... So long I searched for you, without succeding at all. I even thought that you were gone for good... Oniisan... The glad that your presence inbues me with can't be described with words..." -He stated, kneeling to show respect to the brazilian robot.

"How have you been? And tell me... Did you find our other relatives?" The samurai asked.

Purantoman = Engrish for Plant Man
Oniisan = Brother, but more emotional
" My what strange respect and honor you have, no doubt. Oh, you mean those guys from around the world. Well bad news, no I haven't, I'm so sorry.:( "

* warning Puranto's mind was starting to daze into the harlem zone*

" Hey, mind if I get a little off topic? I've been looking into the far Eastern world and I like what I see. Just like my women, you're women are beautiful, despite of some of their lack of body and curves. Say, wanna trade ;) ? "
(1 Reply)
Man-SIayer Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2016
"On my honor as a samurai, I promise my goal is to explore, and find out my location, I am just a wanderer that I am." He had calmly said, he kinda resembled the great assassin of the mejii goverment, but he had some slight differences, mostly his scar and clothing.
Resolute-Samurai Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2016
"Then there's no need to fight, as we both follow the same path, imbued with honor." -He knelt, showing respect.

"'Irasshai', traveller. I am Yamato Man, proud rising sun warrior. There's an inn here where you can rest. It's a very comfortable one. Gamadayu-kouhei will advice the keeper to prepare a warm bedroom for you. Until that, you can have a drink in the fortress." -He said, glad to see another samurai like him around.

While they were going to the castle, Yamato wondered:

"Your face... Familiar, it is... However, I don't recall. Even so, it remind me of..." -He shivered briefly. 

"Nevermind... Just a misunderstanding."

"By the way... What's your name, fellow ronin?"

Irasshai = Be welcomed
Man-SIayer Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2016
[[ good to know. ]]

"I am Kenshin Himura, a wander who mostly resides in the Kaymia Dojo, I seemed to have lost my way, and wound up here, but if this is Japan, I fear I may be in more problem then I imagined..." He said looking away, a skilled warrior can tell he's seen more bloodshed then he'd like, and that careful planning was ingraned into his being. "I appriceate the hospitality Yamato Man." The more he spoke the more similatities arise, but he was still... softer then the Mejii era's assassin, but his name was far off, it seemed like just a coincidence. The only way that Yamato Man can reveil if it is him, is by the Katana.
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